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Wie man Twitter zur WordPress-Website hinzufügt

März 26, 2024
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Twitter zur WordPress-Website hinzufügen

As of January 19, 2023, Twitter effectively banned all third-party apps. Therefore, no built-in standard app within any social media plugin is currently capable of establishing direct authorization with Twitter. Right now, the only way to add Twitter to the WordPress website is to create a custom or personal app and then connect your Twitter account using this custom app. 

All you have to do is obtain the necessary credentials, such as API keys and secrets, which will be used to authenticate your custom app with Twitter’s API. This is so simple. I will help you do that. Simply carry out the instructions. 

Eventually, at the end of this article, you will discover which type of business or business model your Twitter account is most effective for. The suitability of Twitter for your business actually depends on your model. It’s crucial to identify if Twitter’s dynamic platform aligns with your business needs. If it does, using a social media plugin can be a game-changer, enhancing your visibility and engaging your audience effectively. Keep reading till the end for more insights on which business types thrive on Twitter and how a social media plugin can be a strategic asset for you.

Wie man Twitter zur WordPress-Website hinzufügt

You have to follow some simple steps to make it.

Step 1: Install and activate the Bit Social plugin 

First, install and activate any WordPress social media plugin as you want. But I recommend you install the Bit Social plugin a simple user interface with a dozen of advanced features. With this plugin, you can connect LinkedIn, Facebook also dozens of social media accounts and automatically publish your WordPress post to multiple social accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and so many others.  

Step 2: Connect Twitter to Bit Social auto posting and scheduling plugin

Now, you have to connect your LinkedIn account using a custom app. Under this step, you have to follow some instructions. Please follow the instructions, it’s so easy.

Instruction 1: go to the Twitter developer’s page and sign up for a free account.

sign up for free twitter developer account

Instruction 2: Here you will find the developer agreement and policy page. Just check all the agreements and write a short description in the paragraph box.

check all conditions while opening twitter developer account

Instruction 3: Presented here is the developer dashboard. At this point, navigate to Settings > Project and Apps > Default Project and click Edit.

edit project details to get client Id and secret from twitter developer

Instruction 4: Here, you can edit all the fields and write a simple description according to your project if you want. Click on the Save button.

configure twitter developer account to get client id and secret

Instruction 5: Now come to the overview tab again, and here you can see an option with apps. Under this one, there is an option called “Keys and Tokens.” Just click here.

configure twitter developer account to get client Id and secret

Instruction 6: Under the Setting tab, there is an option “User authentication setting.”  Just click on the “Set up” button.

set up user authentication in twitter developer account

Instruction 7: A page will appear like the one below. Just check all the options, as I have done here. And put the redirect or callback URL under the app info. Also, include your website URL. Then click the OK or Save button. 

Now the question is how to get this redirect URL. Well, to get this redirect URL, you have to go to the Bit Social plugin. Here you will get this URL; you just have to copy it and paste it here. Don’t worry; I will show you how to get it. Just follow the instructions.

paste redirect url from social media auto poster plugin

Instruction 8: 

Go to WordPress dashboard > Bit Social > Accounts and click on > Connect Account button.

Twitter zur WordPress-Website hinzufügen

Instruction 9: click on > Custom App under the Twitter account

add twitter using custom app

Instruction 10: Here, you can see the redirect URL. Just copy it and paste it into the user authentication settings page, as I have told you in instruction number 7. Then press the OK button. 

Well, on this page, you can see four more options. You have to fill it up. However, you have to get the app key and app secret from the Twitter developer account and then paste them here. Don’t worry, I am going to show you how to get this key and secret. Follow the instructions below to get the key and secret.

add twitter by Bit Social plugin

Instruction 11:  Now, after completing instruction 7 and pressing the OK button, you will be redirected to a page like the one below. Click on Yes.

Instruction 12: Copy this Client ID and Client Secret.

get client Id and secret from twitter developer account

Instruction 13: Paste it in the app key and app secret, as I told you in instruction number 10. Put the app name that you have given before in instruction number 4, or whatever you want. At the end, you can see the APi versions: V1.1 and V2.0. You can clearly see that v1.1 supports media and v2.0 doesn’t. That means if you select V1.1, you will be able to upload a media file from your WordPress site to Twitter, and if you select V2.0, you will not be able to do so. You can select either one. 

Here, I am recommending that you select V2.0, as you generated the client ID and client secret. Client ID and Client Secret are for V2.0, not for V1.1. Then press the Add button. 

If you generate an API key and API secret, then you can go with V1.1. 

Well, don’t worry, I will show you how to generate the API key and secret. It’s only one step away.

there are two versions in Bit social plugin

Instruction 14: After pressing the Add button you will see a ‘Connect’ button on the right site. Just click on it.

connect Twitter in WordPress website By Bit Social

Instruction 15: Click “Authorize App,” then Connect, and then Continue. That’s all. You are all set; you are ready to tweet automatically on Twitter by using the scheduling feature.

authorize twitter account by bit social plugin

Well, now if you want to connect your Twitter account with V1.1, you have to go to your Twitter developer account again. Under the Key and Tokens tab, you may see the App key and secret option; regenerate it, and you will get the API key and secret. Then copy it from here and paste it into the Bit social plugin, which you already have done with the client ID and client secret. That’s as simple as that.

regenerate Api key and secret form twitter developer account

As promised, at the end of the piece, I’ll offer you some recommendations on what kinds of businesses or business models work best with Twitter accounts and how to take use of Twitter’s distinct audience. Let’s get the conversation going.

7 Key Industries Benefiting from Twitter’s Unique Reach

News and Media Outlets: Ideal for instant news sharing and updates, keeping audiences informed in real-time. 

Retail and E-commerce Brands: Effective for promoting frequent deals, and engaging customers with timely offers. 

Entertainment and Sports-related Businesses: Great for sharing updates on events, games, and entertainment news. 

Technology and SaaS Companies: Useful for tech news, product updates, and industry insights. 

Food and Beverage Businesses: Perfect for advertising daily specials and engaging with food enthusiasts. 

Service Providers: Enables real-time customer support and interactive service updates. 

Personal Brands and Influencers: A platform for building personal connections and sharing content with followers

Key Advantages of Twitter-WordPress Integration

By connecting your Twitter account with a WordPress social media auto poster plugin, you can expect several advantages:

Increased Efficiency: Automatically share new and old content without manual input, saving time. 

Consistent Online Presence: Keep your Twitter feed active even when you’re busy with other tasks. 

Drive Traffic: Each tweet can direct followers back to your website, increasing visitor numbers. 

Real-time Updates: Share updates and news instantly with your audience. 

Audience Growth: Reach and grow your audience as your content is shared and retweeted. 

Analytics Insight: Track how your content performs on Twitter and use insights to optimize your strategy.

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