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Bit Social vs. Blog2Social: Welches WP Social Media Plugin passt zu Ihren Bedürfnissen

Juli 1, 2024
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Bit Social VS Blog2Social

Choosing the right social media automation tool is crucial for effective online presence management. Bit Social and Blog2Social are both excellent plugins. However, Bit Social stands out in terms of Preisgestaltung, user interfaceund performance.

In this post, we’ll explore why Bit Social outperforms Blog2Social, helping you make the best choice for your social media strategy. Read on to know which plugin is the right fit for you.

Bit Social vs. Blog2Social: Overview

Bit Social-WordPress Auto poster and Scheduler Plugin

Bit Social simplifies your social media management by automating the sharing of your WordPress posts. This powerful plugin helps you save time and increase your social media presence. With features like scheduling posts, and customizing for each platform. This plugin is ideal for bloggers, website owners, and social media managers.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Schedule Post: Schedule your WordPress posts to be shared automatically on social media, saving time and engaging more.
  • Customize Posts: Improve your posts for each platform to maximize engagement and reach.
  • Unlimited Accounts: Connect and manage unlimited social media profiles across different platforms from one dashboard.
  • Direct Sharing: Share blogs and custom content directly without creating new WordPress posts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It has a simple and intuitive design that makes the plugin easy to use and handy.
  • Responsive Design: Works perfectly on mobile devices, having flexibility and accurate response.


  • Save Time: Automate posting and scheduling, allowing more focus on creating quality content.
  • Increase Engagement: Customize posts and optimize scheduling for higher interaction with your audience.
  • Verwaltung mehrerer Konten: Manage multiple accounts from your WordPress dashboard efficiently.
  • Post Reach: Increase your reach and stay engaged on social media to keep your followers updated about your business
  • Preisgestaltung: Get advanced features at a low price, making it a cost-effective choice for users.
  • Development Potential: The is currently under development with the potential for significant improvements in the future, promising better features and functionality in the future.
  • UI and Accessibility: It has a user-friendly design that works smoothly on any device, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone.

Bit Social focuses on being easy to use for everyone, It’s a perfect plugin for bloggers, website admins, and social media managers who want to stay engaged with their followers on social media.

Blog2Social-Smart Social Media Automation tool

Blog2Social is a social media automation tool that allows you to automatically share your posts on social networks from WordPress. It adapts your content for each platform, and it allows you to plan some posts at the hours more suited optimally. It is time-saving as well rather than to manually post every content. Blog2Social prepares your blog posts and images for social media. Schedule sharing your broadcasts as soon you post them or at a later time.


Key Features:

  1. Social Media Calendar: Organize and schedule posts efficiently using a visual calendar.
  2. Optimized Auto Scheduling: Determine the best times to post automatically, based on audience engagement.
  3. Wide Social Network Integration: Share across multiple social networks with the free version, expandable with paid plans.
  4. Easy Post Customization: Customize posts for each platform to maximize effectiveness and audience reach.
  5. Versatile Content Support: Share text, links, images, videos, and RSS feeds effortlessly.

Advantages of Blog2Social:

  • Efficient Social Media Management: Simplify scheduling and customizing social media posts.
  • Wide Network Coverage: Reach a broad audience across multiple social networks.
  • Detailed Analytics: Monitor essential metrics to refine social media strategies.
  • Content Versatility: Share various types of content seamlessly to cater to diverse audience preferences.

Best Things About Bit Social Compared to Blog2Social

User-Friendly Interface:

Bit Social offers a clean design that’s accessible even for beginners. So you can manage your social media presence effortlessly from any device like a desktop, laptop, or tablet. On the other hand, Blog2Social is also user-friendly with all devices. Compared to Blog2Social, Bit Social has a better Interface.

Centralized Platform:

With Bit Social you can connect all your social media accounts in one place even with the free version and you can manage everything without logging in and out of multiple accounts, saving you time and frustration. Blog2Social doesn’t allow connecting unlimited accounts even on the pro version.

Bit Social Account Connect

Advanced Scheduling:

Bit Social is able to plan your posts for specific dates and times to reach your audience when they’re most active. Blog2social also has these features.

Bit Social Schedule

Direct Sharing:

Say goodbye to the hassle of copying and pasting content between WordPress and social media. Share your posts directly from your WordPress editor with just one click! Bit Social has these unique features and has some templates to choose. Blog2Social has an instant share option but is not able to add a template.

Bit Social Direct Sharing

Customizable Options:

Bit Social allows you to customize how your posts appear on each platform by using templates, including post formats and featured images. Blog2Social offers limited customization options.

Lightweight and Fast Loading:

The plugin is lightweight so you won’t lose your site speed. This ensures the best user experience and helps in your site SEO. As per the WP Hive, Bit Social, a lightweight social media plugin praised by WP Hive, uses less memory for a faster user experience. This can boost SEO, and conversions, and keep visitors happy. As Per the report Blog2Social uses more memory which is not good for page speed and SEO.

Bit Social Memory Usages

Well-coded plugin:

Built with clean code for stability and security, ensuring minimal memory usage, no PHP and JavaScript errors, no HTTP and database errors, and compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and PHP. Blog2Social has some Javascript and resource errors. Also, we found that Blog2Social has some compatibility issues with WordPress and PHP.

Continuous Improvement:

As a plugin under active development, Bit Social promises to add new features and functionalities in future updates, adapting to evolving user needs and technological advancements. On the other hand, Blog2Social is also improving day by day.

Documentation and Support:

Bit Social offers helpful guides, tutorials, and FAQs on its website. Join the Facebook community for troubleshooting tips and advice from other users and developers. If you need direct help you can reach out via email or live chat support for prompt assistance with the plugin.

If at any point you need immediate support, be sure to contact us via email or live chat for quick help regarding the plugin. 

Free Version Features Comparison (Bit Social vs Blog2Social)

Both Bit Social and Blog2Social offer free plans for social media auto posting, but Bit Social includes more features in the free version. Here’s a quick comparison

Bit Social vs. Blog2Social

Bit Social allows unlimited connections, this feature is very important for managing multiple accounts. You also get free scheduling a day ahead and a calendar view.

Endgültiges Urteil

Blog2Social is expensive compared to Bit Social and Its interface is confusing and hard for beginners to use. The plugin also has many unnecessary features, adding to its complexity.

Bit Social is a better choice for several reasons. It is affordable, making advanced features easy to access. The user-friendly design is simple for both beginners and experienced users. The plugin offers great features like customizable scheduling and direct sharing. It is also lightweight and fast. Plus, it is always being improved.

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