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7 beste WordPress Social Media Auto Poster und Scheduler Plugins in 2024

Februar 17, 2024
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Wordpress Social Media Auto Poster und Scheduler Plugins

If you are a blogger, business owner, social media influencer, or digital marketer but you don’t use WordPress social media auto poster and scheduler plugins for your WordPress site that means you are so far behind from this 2024 modern world.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring a robust online presence is more important than ever. That does not mean you always have to remain busy on your social media account to post manually rather intelligently you have to post every day without killing your valuable time.    

Now the question is which one will be the best among these WordPress social media auto poster plugins. All plugins are excellent but naturally, all can’t be specialized in all sectors.

But before choosing a social media auto posting plugin for your WordPress site, you must keep some points in mind.

Facts to consider before picking a WordPress social media auto poster and scheduler plugins

When choosing a WordPress social media auto-poster plugin, it’s crucial to consider a variety of factors to ensure it aligns with your goals, the nature of your content, and the dynamics of your audience. Here are some essential things you must consider.

Support and Updates: Ensure that the plugin supports all the social media networks you’re active on or plan to be active on and also regular updates, especially when social media platforms change their APIs or terms of use.

Ease of Integration: The plugin should integrate seamlessly with WordPress without causing conflicts with other plugins or themes.

User Interface: Opt for a plugin that offers an intuitive interface, making it easy to set up and manage your posts.

Anpassungen: The ability to customize post formats, include/exclude certain parts, add custom images or tailor messages for each platform can be invaluable.

Scheduling Flexibility: Look for plugins that allow you to schedule posts according to your preferred times or even suggest optimal times based on audience activity.

Analytics and Reporting: Understanding how your automated posts perform can be essential. Plugins that offer analytics or integrate with tracking solutions can provide valuable insights.

Preisgestaltung: While some plugins offer free versions, they might have limitations. Consider your budget and compare the features offered in free vs. premium versions.

Content Types Supported: If you have various content types (standard posts, custom post types, WooCommerce products, etc.), ensure the plugin can handle and post them all.

Reposting Capabilities: For evergreen content, it’s beneficial if the plugin can automatically repost old content at intervals.

Safety and Security: Ensure the plugin maintains the security of your site and doesn’t store sensitive information. It’s also wise to use plugins that adhere to the terms of service of each social media platform to avoid bans or penalties.

Bandwidth and Server Load: Some plugins might be resource-intensive, especially if you have a lot of content to share. Make sure the plugin doesn’t slow down your website or lead to higher hosting costs.

Feedback and Reviews: Before choosing a plugin, it’s a good idea to read user reviews and feedback, which can offer real-world insights into the plugin’s strengths and weaknesses.

7 best WordPress social media auto poster and scheduler plugins

In my lists, the best WordPress social media auto posters are Bit Social, FS Poster, Social Auto Poster, NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP), Revive Old Posts, Blog2Social, and Nelio Content. There are some free and very reasonably priced plugins available here. You can select one based on your needs and budget. However, it is crucial to consider and investigate which option would be the best fit for you before making a decision. I go over all of this information concerning the WordPress social media auto poster and scheduler plugins here. Just read and decide which is best for you.

Bit Social

Bit Social-social auto poster

Bit Social is a brand-new WordPress plugin on the market with an incredibly low price and simple user interface. They are providing an easy-to-use one-click fix. Simply choose “Share” to distribute your information across various social media channels. Utilize the sophisticated scheduling tools to see your content go live at the ideal moment, guaranteeing maximum interaction.

Additionally, you may express your creativity when posting posts and rapidly customize them. Most notably, you may improve your social media approach by integrating a custom app.

Furthermore, precisely plan your social media marketing. With Bit Social’s sophisticated calendar and time-scheduling tools, you can easily stay proactive and organized by seeing a visual picture of your content plan.

Elevate your blogging and business journey with Bit Social—the ultimate budget-friendly WordPress social media plugin that packs a punch without breaking the bank. Why overspend when Bit Social offers the same powerhouse features as the high-end plugins?

Fs Poster

FS Poster-a complete social auto poster and scheduler

Discover the power of FS Poster, your gateway to integrating with over 20 social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Reddit. This extensive reach revolutionizes how you disseminate content, ensuring your message resonates far and wide. What sets FS Poster apart? Its ability to connect multiple accounts within the same platform, catering to individuals and entities managing several online profiles.

Tailoring your posts to each platform’s unique audience and style is key. FS Poster not only offers rapid auto-posting but also allows you to schedule content, expanding your distribution strategies. Analyze your results with insightful metrics, identifying what truly captivates your target audience.

Even with automation, FS Poster provides the flexibility to manually share content on selected networks. Perfect for online retailers, it seamlessly distributes WooCommerce products. Clean, trackable links? Achieved with URL shorteners like Bitly. Manage and publish everything from WordPress articles to custom content.

Continuously learn and evolve your strategy by monitoring your social media activities. Customize each post with thematic templates, select images, and craft unique messages. Need privacy? FS Poster’s proxy setup enables managing multiple accounts while maintaining anonymity.

Social Auto Poster

auto post your content from wordpress to social account

Social Auto Poster is a robust premium WordPress plugin designed to simplify and automate the process of sharing your site’s content across various social media platforms.

Social auto poster has straight forward interface. In its essence, Social Auto Poster offers automated sharing across different social media platforms. Depending on its latest version and updates, the exact features might vary, but it’s generally designed to be user-friendly for those new to auto-posting.

Social Auto Poster supports 11 social networks. The latest version of this plugin has included a reposting feature that allows you to revive old posts.

You can track your post performances through Google Analytics as this has included Google Analytics integration which allows you to track post engagements and count the click rate across all social media networks.    

It also provides an extended support platform, multiple account connectivity, advanced scheduling, custom post formatting, WooCommerce integration, insightful analytics and URL shortening integration.

However, the custom post types option is not as deep as Bit Social.


The NextScripts is a freemium social network auto poster. in its free version, you will be allowed for auto posting, platform support, custom messages, and URL shorteners. The free version supports a limited, yet diverse, array of social networks. SNAP allows users to customize the message format for each platform to ensure the shared content aligns with individual platform dynamics.

Social Networks Auto Poster supports URL shorteners to make shared links concise and trackable. In free It keeps a record of where and when the post was shared, aiding in tracking and potential troubleshooting.

However, the premium edition dramatically increases supported platforms, enabling greater content distribution. For individuals with several profiles, it lets them share various accounts or pages on one platform. This plugin lets you schedule or postpone posts for optimal sharing.

NextScripts may automatically re-share previous posts at intervals to keep evergreen material fresh. It lets users define auto-posting parameters like categories or tags, track post performance, and gain engagement analytics to improve content and sharing tactics. Improved controls over post-image sharing, including featured photos, galleries, and post-body images.

Revive Old Posts

revive your old post using Revive old post wordpress plugin

Revive Old Posts transforms your WordPress site into a social media powerhouse, seamlessly connecting it with various channels. Its main goal? To automate the sharing of your blog content, both new and old, ensuring every article gets its moment in the spotlight. This strategy drives consistent traffic, reducing the pressure to constantly create new content.

With the free version, you can automatically repost older articles at your chosen frequency, focusing on content that remains relevant. It includes Custom Sharing Templates and Basic Analytics, enhancing your posting strategy.

The premium version takes things up a notch. It supports more social media platforms, broadening your content’s reach. Schedule posts, old or new, for strategic distribution. Revive Old Posts also enables category-based sharing and exclusion, along with custom taxonomies.

For online retailers, the premium edition’s WooCommerce integration is a game-changer, boosting product visibility and sales. Plus, with Bitly integration, you get shortened, trackable URLs. Elevate your visual impact by sharing images on Pinterest and Instagram, and delve deeper into performance analytics to refine your content strategy with data-driven insights.


Blog to social a wordpress social media plugin

Blog2Social optimizes the synergy between your WordPress platform and your social media channels. It’s a holistic solution designed not only for automating post-sharing but also for tailoring content to the unique standards of each social platform. By providing a seamless cross-posting and scheduling mechanism, Blog2Social ensures that your content garners maximum reach and engagement across the social media spectrum

Using its free edition, you may automatically submit fresh blog content to social media. You may manually distribute any content, old or new, to your selected social channels in the free version. Social media posts can be edited and previewed to meet platform standards. The free edition is a central dashboard that will manage and track your social sharing activity. Also, you will be able to see post-performance and interaction stats.

Premium users may schedule updates for opportune periods or keep evergreen material on repeat. You may extend social media and create various accounts and pages. Premium subscribers may bulk share numerous posts, facilitating content distribution. Integrate other sources, distribute other authors’ material, and diversify your social feed. It also includes a time scheduler, URL shortening & tracking, image & GIF sharing, and support.

Nelio Content

Nelio content best social media tools for content marketer and bloggers

Nelio Content aims to streamline the content creation and promotion process on WordPress sites. It focuses on both the content editorial process and its promotion on social media channels. By integrating content planning, creation, and social media promotion into one platform, it becomes a one-stop solution for content marketers and bloggers.

The free version connects 10 social media accounts and schedules posts. Also offers an editorial calendar where users may see all their posts, social messages, and tasks in one place.

This streamlines content strategy planning and management. You may monitor content statistics and repost previous posts. also features a content assistant, which suggests appropriate photos, internal connections, and content-related ideas to increase content quality and relevancy. The free edition also includes team collaboration. If numerous individuals create and promote content, task assignments and alerts facilitate teamwork.

In the premium edition, you may connect multiple social profiles, advanced analytics, auto resharing old content, editorial comments and task and priority support.

Find out quickly which social media auto poster is ideal for your needs

Bit Social

Bit Social offers nearly everything at a discounted price. If you believe that the mere act of auto-publishing and scheduling is costing you exorbitant amounts of money. You are cordially invited to Bit Social.

  • One-click share magic
  • Group your platforms
  • Scheduling at your fingertips
  • Instant custom post
  • Add your flair with custom apps
  • Advanced calendar and time scheduling
  • Fantastic logs to check whether the posts are successfully published or not

Fact to consider

  • New WordPress plugin in the market. Times may need to be fully developed


FS Poster emerges as a comprehensive solution, particularly for those who manage a wide variety of platforms and desire detailed insights into their post performances.

Other main features are

  • Schedule posts for an entire week or month
  • Post insights to track performance
  • WooCommerce integration to auto-post products

Fact to consider

  • FS Poster appears to have a steep learning curve, especially for new users. If you’re not familiar with similar tools or have limited technical expertise, you might find it challenging to navigate and use the plugin effectively.
  • The premium features of FS Poster are mentioned as costly. It’s important to assess whether the additional cost aligns with your budget and the value you expect to derive from these features.
  • For users with basic requirements, FS Poster might be overwhelming. If your needs are simple, consider whether the plugin’s complexity is necessary for your purposes.
  • The practice of not keeping the Codecanyon repository updated could be a significant drawback. It’s important to consider how this might impact your website’s security and stability.

Social Auto Poster

Social Auto Poster provides simplicity and a straightforward user interface, making it suitable for those who desire uncomplicated functionality.

Other main features are:

  • Auto-posting to 11 social media platforms
  • Support for custom post types
  • Configure unlimited accounts on each platform
  • Republish old posts

Fact to consider

  • They are offering only 6-month support and if you want to expand one year you will be extra charged.
  • The user interface might not be as intuitive as some of the other plugins. Other plugins offer a more streamlined experience.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP)

NextScripts SNAP is renowned for its wide range of network support and ability to post to multiple networks with a single setup. This is ideal for users who want vast outreach without setting up each network individually.

Other main features are:

  • Automatic URL shortening
  • Ability to post to multiple accounts on the same platform
  • Option to re-post old posts

Fact to consider:

  • Some platforms on the free version post link only, without images or excerpts.
  • The learning curve can be steep for beginners. Frequent platform API changes can sometimes lead to posting issues.

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is perfect for bloggers or businesses with a rich archive of evergreen content they want to continually share and reintroduce to their audience.

Other main features are:

  • Auto-sharing old and new posts
  • Set a sharing frequency
  • Choose the number of posts to share
  • Integrated URL shortening

Fact to consider

Some essential features, like multiple social accounts or custom schedules, are available only in the premium version.


The main specialty of this social plugin is advanced customization and scheduling. Blog2Social stands out for its vast platform support, intuitive user interface, and detailed customization options, making it one of the most versatile solutions for businesses and professionals who manage a diverse social media portfolio.

Other main features are:

  • Best-time scheduler
  • Visual calendar for a comprehensive view

Fact to consider:

  • The free version is quite limited, pushing users to opt for the premium versions.
  • Some users find the myriad of options and settings a bit complex to navigate.

Nelio Content

Nelio Content is more than just an auto-poster; it’s a content marketing tool. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to content creation, management, and promotion, Nelio would be the choice.

Other main features are:

  • Integrated editorial calendar.
  • Content enhancement suggestions.
  • Unified content and social promotion strategy.
  • Integrated analytics.
  • Resharing of older posts.
  • Collaboration tools for teams

Fact to consider:

  • Steeper learning curve for new users
  • Premium features is costly
  • Might be overwhelming for users with simple needs

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