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Auto Post – Bit Social

With Bit Social’s Auto Post feature, whenever you share a post on WordPress, it will automatically be shared on your connected social media platforms. This makes it easier to distribute your content across multiple channels.

To set up the Auto Post feature in Bit Social, go to Bit Social and click on “Auto Post” from the top menu.

Auto Post - Bit Social

Choose Accounts

Choose the accounts from the left-side menu where you want your WordPress posts to be shared automatically. You can search for your accounts and filter them based on the platform. Click here to learn how to connect your accounts.

Auto Post - Bit Social - Choose accounts

Auto Post Settings

Share posts automatically: When this option is enabled, any time you publish a new post, the plugin will automatically share it on all your connected social accounts.

Auto Post - Bit Social - Turn on Share Posts automatically

Keep the shared post log: When this option is enabled, all your shared posts will be recorded in the log section, where you can review them. If you prefer not to keep these logs, you can disable the option. However, disabling it will prevent you from viewing insights and may lead to duplicate posts when using the scheduling module.

Auto Post - Bit Social - Keep the shared post log

Let’s post something on WordPress, and then we’ll take a look at the logs to see what happened.

Auto Post - Bit Social - Share Post Now
Auto Post - Bit Social - Check Logs
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