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Share Now – Bit Social

The Share Now feature in Bit Social lets you instantly share a post across your connected social media platforms. To use this feature, first choose the accounts you want to post to, write your post and title, then click the publish button to share it immediately.

To set up the Share Now feature in Bit Social, go to Bit Social and click on “Share Now” from the top menu then “Share Post“.

Share Now – Bit Social

Choose the accounts from the left-side menu where you’d like to share your posts. You can search for your accounts and filter them by platform. Click here to learn how to connect your accounts.

Share Now – Bit Social - Choose accounts

You need to set a title for your post. The title will be the same across all the platforms where you share your post.

Share Now – Bit Social - Name

Now, you need to write your posts. You’ll need to write a separate post for each platform.

Share Now – Bit Social - For Facebook
Share Now – Bit Social - For LinkedIn

note-icon-bit-apps  Note

You need to write your post separately for each social platform. Remember, each platform has a character limit for how much you can write in a post.

You can also share links or upload media when posting.

Share Now – Bit Social - add Media or Link

Finally, click the publish button to share your post. You also have the options to save it as a draft or schedule it to be posted later.

Share Now – Bit Social - Publish, Setup Schedule, Save as draft
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