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La forma más fácil de conectar un sitio web WordPress a LinkedIn

marzo 21, 2024
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cómo conectar LinkedIn a un sitio web WordPress

There are several ways to connect a WordPress website to LinkedIn. Still, the easiest way to connect a WordPress website to LinkedIn is to activate and install any WordPress social media plugin and then connect your WordPress website to your LinkedIn account through it. 

However,  among so many social plugins, Bit Social is the best affordable WordPress social media auto poster and scheduler plugin.  You will get extensive scheduling and calendar tools, amazing logs to verify whether the content was successfully published, and a direct sharing feature. You can add multiple social media accounts and auto-post to all accounts with a single click.

All the content of your WordPress can be posted automatically by scheduling them. No additional staff will be required to distribute, automatically post, or share your WordPress content across various social networking platforms. This plugin will do it for you. The most important thing is that you can afford it and use it for free. 

Different ways to connect a WordPress website to LinkedIn 

Connecting a WordPress website to LinkedIn can be achieved through various methods, each offering distinct features and benefits. Here are some of the primary ways to establish this integration. 

Using LinkedIn’s Own Applications: LinkedIn offers applications on its Plugins page that can be integrated with your WordPress site. These applications allow you to share content, network with followers and even add job application forms on your site.

WordPress Plugins for LinkedIn Integration: There are numerous plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory that facilitate LinkedIn integration. These plugins can vary in functionality, from adding share and follow buttons (like LinkedIn by BestWebSoft), to more comprehensive solutions like LinkedIn Master, which provides a range of features including member profile widgets and job widgets.

Cross-Publishing Content: Plugins such as LinkedIn Auto Publish and LinkedIn Company Updates allow you to automatically publish WordPress posts to LinkedIn and vice versa. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to maintain active engagement on both platforms without manually updating each site.

LinkedIn Login for WordPress: Some plugins enable a LinkedIn login for your WordPress site, allowing users to sign up or log in using their LinkedIn credentials. This can streamline the user experience and integrate your website more closely with LinkedIn.

Job Application Integration: For websites that feature job postings, plugins, like Apply with LinkedIn for WordPress, allow potential candidates to apply directly through their LinkedIn profiles. This can make the recruitment process more efficient and centralized.

IFTTT Integration: IFTTT (If This Then That) is another service that allows you to create automated connections between WordPress and LinkedIn. You can set up ‘recipes’ that automatically share new WordPress posts to your LinkedIn profile whenever you publish them.

Easiest way to connect a WordPress website to LinkedIn

One simple way to link your WordPress site to your LinkedIn profile is to install and activate a WordPress plugin and then connect them through this plugin. It’s a straightforward procedure.

Connecting a WordPress website to a LinkedIn account involves a few steps. They are 

  • Choose a plugin and activate and install it
  • Connect your LinkedIn account to this plugin (you have to go through some instructions)

Step 1: Choose a plugin and activate and install it

If you’re looking to enhance your website with social media features, the ‘Bit Social’ plugin is a fantastic choice. However, you can choose other social media automation plugins. Well, come to the point, to get started, first, install the plugin. Begin by navigating to your website’s admin dashboard. From there, go to the ‘Plugins’ section and click on ‘Add New.’ Use the search bar to find ‘Bit Social.’ Once you see it in the search results, click ‘Install Now.’ The installation process will take a few moments.

After the installation is complete, it’s time to activate ‘Bit Social.’ In the ‘Plugins’ section, you’ll now see ‘Bit Social’ listed among your other plugins. Simply click the ‘Activate’ button next to it.

Step 2: Connect your LinkedIn account to this plugin 

You have two simple ways to connect your LinkedIn account to this plugin. 

  1. One is a built-in standard app
  2. Another way is to connect your LinkedIn account with Bit Social using a custom app. 

1. Connect your LinkedIn account with the built-in standard app

This is a simple process what you have to do is- just click on connect and it will automatically sync with your LinkedIn account if this account is in the same email. Also, you can add multiple LinkedIn accounts. 

Connect LinkedIn account with Built-in standard app

2. Connect your LinkedIn account with a custom app

Well, another way is to create a custom app and then connect your LinkedIn account with the Bit Social plugin. Then you will be ready to auto-post from your WordPress to your LinkedIn social account. You can accomplish this with some simple and easy instructions. Please follow the instructions. 

Instruction 1: At first, go to the LinkedIn developer’s account. Click on > Create app

Connect your LinkedIn account with a custom app

Instruction 2: As you are going to create a custom app for your business or personal website you have to fill up this form by giving solid information about your website. Give the proper privacy policy link, and upload the website logo.

Well, in the picture here, you can also see a blank option for “LinkedIn page.” Here, you have to enter your company name or your LinkedIn business page URL. But if you haven’t opened a business page yet, click on “Create a new linked page.” Once you create a new business page, put your business name here and click on the Create App buttons. 

Create new LinkedIn page

Instruction 3: However, when you click on “Create a new LinkedIn page,” a page will appear like the one below. You have to click on anyone among these three options. 

Create new LinkedIn page

Instruction 4: After that, a form will appear, which you have to fill out. Again, I want to remind you that you have to fill out this form if you don’t have a business page in your LinkedIn account. If you already have, just fill up the first form that I showed here, and you can go. 

fill up all info to create new LinkedIn page

Instruction 5: After clicking on the Create app button, you will be redirected to a page like the one below. Here, you have to click on the “Request Access” button. You can see a lot of options here. Mostly, you have to make a request for access from three important options: Share on LinkedIn, Advertising API, and Sign-In with LinkedIn using OpenId Connect. Without this access, you may not be able to connect your custom app with any social media plugin.

Click on "request access" button to get client ID and Secret

Instruction 6: Now go to the WordPress dashboard > Bit Social > Accounts > Connect Account

connect a WordPress website to LinkedIn

Instruction 7: Then click on the custom app

connect LinkedIn to wordpress using custom app

Instruction 8: Now copy this Riderct URL and keep this page open, as you have to copy the client ID and client secret from LinkedIn developers and paste them here.

copy redirect url to get client Id and secret

Instruction 9: Now go to the LinkedIn developer page again, then click on the auth tab. Here you have to paste the redirect URL and click on the update button. And copy the client ID and primary client secret to place them in the app key and app secret area.

Get Client Id and secret from LinkedIn developer

Instruction 10: Paste the client ID and client secret on this page and click on Connect. 

That’s all; you are ready to go. You may now start posting content from your WordPress website to your LinkedIn page automatically.

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