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Le rôle crucial d'une présence dans les médias sociaux pour les entreprises modernes

juin 27, 2024
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Importance de la présence dans les médias sociaux pour les entreprises modernes

In this digital era, social media presence in modern business, occupation, and even self-branding is inevitable. Engaging actively on social media will help establish a friendly relationship with users and gain good marketing experience. Social media networking helps to grab the attention of a vast range of customers and create good brand value. Do you know why social media presence is so necessary?

This blog offers a comprehensive understanding of the influence of social media on businesses of all sizes and highlights the advantages of maintaining an active social network. Continue reading to discover how a social media presence can help you achieve your business goals.

Why is social media important for business?

Social media is the easiest, most effective method to create the identity of your business and lends credibility and trust to your brand. It also helps to improve the sales of the business. 

Don’t worry if you are still confused go through some of the key aspects of having a social media presence for the company that are listed below:

Increased Brand Awareness and Recognition

Nowadays social media is becoming more than simply a platform for communication and interaction with loved ones. From studies and information collected by SCORE, it is known that approximately 77% of brand owners leverage social media to grow their business, reach their intended audience effortlessly, increase their sales, and multiply their online branding. Businesses may expand the reach, and awareness of their brand by producing and circulating interesting content that speaks to their target market. This will eventually enhance website traffic and revenues.

create brand awareness using WordPress  social media auto plugin

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Interaction

Social media allows brand owners to form bonds with targeted groups and customers, identify their needs, and gather their precious feedback, which is essential to improve the company’s product quality. Especially for small firms, those who don’t have enough funds to invest in marketing strategies social media marketing can be more beneficial. Having a solid social media strategy is essential to increase audience engagement and digital presence. It establishes a smooth communication line thus strengthening user loyalty and building a community.

Cost-Effective Marketing and Advertising

Social media platforms provide companies with a cost-effective way to attract visitors naturally and grab the attention of a wide range of audiences. As we know the old process of doing marketing for example – TV ads, print ads, and billboards almost all of them are expensive in most cases and can be very tough for small business owners. However, the wellness of social media marketing allows companies to create and share content with minimal financial investment.

At a very low cost organizations can spread their online presence by creating accounts on any of the prominent platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Reach on these social media platforms will grow organically through the consistent posting of captivating content. Although brand owners must follow the strategical approach. 

Increased Website Traffic and SEO Benefits

The importance of social media in marketing is unavoidable in today’s digital landscape, for example, it can easily drive traffic to any brand’s website by simply providing a link to it in blog posts, profile descriptions, product pages, and on any website content.  Increased website traffic from social media improves engagement metrics, which helps your site rank better in search engines. Relevant and informative content is more likely to be shared, creating backlinks and attracting more traffic, positively impacting SEO.

Competitor analysis

One of the most significant benefits of social media for businesses is the opportunity to research competitors. Using competitor analysis tools, business owners can gain insights into their rivals’ strategies. By being socially active and sharing engaging posts, owners can better understand market trends and consumer experiences, aiding in critical decision-making.

A few Examples of Brands which has been benefited by social media presence

The importance of social media for companies and brands is undeniable. Studies show that nearly 90% of customers prefer to purchase their favorite brands online, expecting brand owners to have a presence on popular social media platforms. Today, marketers agree that online marketing is crucial for the growth of any business.

Instead of discussing the necessity of social media presence, let’s look at some examples of effective social media marketing.


Nike, one of the most renowned sports brands, has millions of followers across all social media platforms. They continually evolve with each generation. Nike’s unique approach focuses on highlighting athletes who use their products, rather than direct promotion, on their verified Instagram accounts.


When it comes to action cameras, GoPro stands out as a top choice. Known for capturing adventure and high-energy moments, GoPro has become a favorite among thrill-seekers and everyday users.

GoPro boasts over 20 million followers on Instagram, 10 million on Facebook, 2.1 million followers on Twitter (formerly known as X), and 3 million on TikTok. Fans are obsessed with the brand, often using hashtags like #GoPro to promote its products. The company engages with its audience by consistently posting interesting content, primarily videos, showcasing its products. They run various engaging programs like “Photo of the Day” on Instagram, often leveraging user-generated content to boost their brand. This approach helps GoPro create strong brand value and develop a friendly bond with its users.


During the pandemic, when individuals and companies struggled to connect with the world, Zoom came to the rescue. It enabled global communication through audio and video calls.

If you’re wondering, “How does social media help business?” Zoom showcases this effectively. Let’s dive into their social media platform activity.

Zoom has built a powerful community of 500 million on Facebook, where they consistently interact with followers by sharing captivating content. Their most popular campaign, the “Virtual Background Contest,” was a user-generated content initiative that significantly raised brand awareness among their target audience. Similarly, on Twitter, they capture their million-sized fanbase’s attention with a mix of short videos, GIFs, updates, and articles, boosting their marketing strategy. Zoom also enhances user experience by engaging with people through fun activities and memes.

Many other companies, such as, National Geographic, Wendy’s, and Airbnb, also strategically utilize social media marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Best Social Media Platforms for Different Category of Business

Best Social Media Platforms for Different Category of Business


According to the statistical report over 37% of the world’s total population is on Facebook. That is around 3.04 billion people are Facebook users, indeed Facebook is the largest social media platform for any startup. From research, it is known that more than 200 million business owners specifically small brands leverage Facebook tools, and over 7 million advertisement companies consistently promote their products on the platform.

Mostly Independent Entrepreneurs and Franchise Owners spread their business through Facebook marketing. This is because Facebook allows us to connect with local people organically.  Additionally, it is much easier to build a community, reach a wider audience, and understand their needs on this platform. This makes Facebook a reliable option for building a social media presence. To make the process of posting trouble-free there is a WordPress plugin named “Bit Social”, this plugin does auto-posting and scheduling in no time. Furthermore, Facebook Groups and the powerful Facebook Ads streamlines reaching a wider audience thus increasing the number of followers on Facebook.

Best For:

  • Local Businesses
  • WordPress plugin Businesses
  • Non-profit programs


Interestingly, besides being called the world’s best video-sharing platform, YouTube is also popularly known as the most effective and largest search engine after Facebook. YouTube has around 2.49 billion monthly active users according to statistics. If you promote your niche product through videos then YouTube will be a good marketing tool. YouTube is mostly preferred by bloggers who post travel and tourism blogs, educational authorities who provide academic content, and WordPress plugin business owners.

Best For:

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Educational Institutions
  • WordPress plugin Businesses


Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a visual social marketing platform that can be used to socialize your brand products by uploading stories, reels, pictures, and videos. But in terms of algorithms, Instagram’s prime concern is to engage more and more users. Again from statistics, it is shown that Instagram holds about 29.4% of active users among the global population.

As it has a huge audience, focusing on the target group business owners can create Instagram accounts where they can set up their business profile. This offers detailed analytics for your profile and posts, as well as the capability to schedule posts through third-party tools. E-commerce stores, Health and Fitness, Creative service providers, and Fashion and Beauty businesses primely use Instagram as their marketing place. Users here often share and tag brands in their posts which makes it an excellent platform to gain UGC (user-generated content).

Best for:

  • E-commerce stores
  • Health and Fitness
  • Creative service providers
  • Fashion and Beauty businesses


LinkedIn is considered to be the leading business networking platform with 930 million MUA(monthly active users). It is helpful for both recruiters and employees. LinkedIn serves as a dynamic community where professionals can provide services like legal consultancy, educational posts, and SaaS and software product sellers. It also shows how a mesh of professional networking is created and promotes B2B marketing. By sharing relevant and engaging content brand owners can create strong relationships with the customers and employees. 

However, if you have your own WordPress website that is/are related to professional services or SAAS or software products then connect your LinkedIn account with a WordPress site and publish your content automatically using social media auto poster and scheduler plugin. you don’t need to leverage extra effort or cost extra bucks to share relevant content to the social media account including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so many others.

Best for:

  • Professional Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • SaaS and software product sellers


Twitter is famous for its real-time communication and rapidly changing feed. It has a community of over 353 million monthly active users, whereas there are 1 billion registered users. Although up to 75% of businesses use Twitter as a marketing tool, it may be considered primarily a B2C social media marketing platform. On Twitter, we mostly see SaaS and software product sellers who showcase their services to the tech group of the industry. Also, non-profit occupations like NGOs, event managers, etc leverage Twitter for multiple purposes. so why are you making late? Auto-publish your content from WordPress to your Twitter account in a jiffy.

Best for:

  • SaaS and software product sellers
  • NGOs
  • Event managers

There are many more prominent platforms apart from these that can be used to grow social media presence in businesses. Businesses in these categories may efficiently reach their target audiences, display their products, and interact with people by utilizing these platforms.

6 steps to create a social media strategy for your business

6 steps to create a social media strategy for your business

Step 1: Define your goals

The foremost thing that should be considered before creating a business account on any social media platform is predefining your business goals. 

Gather your thoughts and ask yourself “What do you want to achieve through social networking?” Do you want to?

  • Increase brand awareness and brand value
  • Attract more traffic to your website
  • Make the bond between the user and the company stronger
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Create a larger community by bringing new customers
  • Generate more leads and increase revenues

Step 2: Know your target audience

As you have defined your objectives, the next step is to know how you will reach your destination. As we know buildings cannot be built without a foundation here buildings are your goal and the foundation is your road map. 

First, research your customers about their requirements and personal tastes and then find the best ways to accomplish them. Next, identify which platforms they use to collect their needs and figure out the kind of content they find helpful: photos, videos, or other. This will help you to design your page according to your audience’s preferences thus enhancing customer engagement and driving more visitors.

Step 3: Determine the correct social media sites

Different social media sites have different algorithms similarly audiences and content of each platform are different. You must be able to determine the right platform that matches your objectives, content type, and future goals. For example- if you go by generation millennials are mostly seen on Facebook, Instagram, etc, and now Gen Zs are seen on TikTok. So know your potential customer’s preferred platform. 

Step 4: Create engaging and informative content

Understanding your audience and choosing the right platform is indeed crucial, but all your efforts are in vain if your content isn’t engaging. For example, if you know the content themes you’ll be able to develop more compelling content, if you are aware of story-type content then it will be easier to connect with people on a personal level. So these are some important strategies that can be applied to make your content extra engaging.

Step 5: Keep a keen eye on your outcome

By far if you have followed the steps properly then now you have to be consistent and adaptable. That is create content as per your target audience’s preferences. Check your reader, and viewer numbers regularly, monitor your brands’ performance, and make changes to your content according to customers’ needs.

Step 6: Know who you are competing with

Tracking your competitor is a good trait to sustain in the competition. Study your competitor thoroughly, and know about their tactics like what type of content they’re posting, how frequently they’re posting, and how audiences are reacting to their posts. Don’t just fully adopt their marketing strategy as what has worked for them you never know if it may not work for you. It is just important to keep the competitive spirit high for better results.

Tips on how you can create an effective social media presence in modern business

Incorporating social media into business marketing strategies has become essential. Every day billions of people use social media platforms for multiple purposes, so a robust social media presence is crucial for businesses to reach their target group. Here are some valuable tips to help you build a successful social media presence

Tip 1:

As you know, consistent posting on multiple social media accounts is the most important thing to grow your business and create brand awareness. However, it can be challenging to manually post on multiple social media accounts while simultaneously reducing costs. Here, the social media auto-poster and scheduler plugin can play an awesome role in growing your brand awareness. Just one plugin, a single click, and all your posts are ready to publish automatically using the scheduling feature. All business owners should try the WordPress social media auto-poster and scheduler plugin, which is so simple.

Tip 2:

Connect with your audience, and share your product, and services with them through these social networking sites. Take their valuable reviews, interact with them, and try to solve their issues. Respond to their queries and carry out any “Ask us anything” kind of series.

Tip 3:

You have to serve appealing content to hold your audience’s attention. It is very crucial for a successful social media presence for any company. You can engage your viewers with various kinds of content such as photos, infographics, and videos.

Tip 4:

It is a fact that to build a successful social media presence, consistency is a vital element. Through regular posting, maintaining the posting time same each week makes the customers eager for your content, helping to improve engagement and cultivate a loyal fanbase.

Tip 5:

Using hashtags can greatly amplify the reach of your social media content. By infusing relevant hashtags, enhance engagement as you can connect with a broader audience. It’s crucial to use hashtags judiciously—select only those that directly relate to your content to maximize their effectiveness.

Wrapping up

Concluding by saying that the importance of social media marketing in this digitally revolutionized era simply cannot be neglected. We should rather discover the ways through which brand owners, startups, and individuals can grow their social media presence.

Social media presence has been proven successful for all types of business as every market requires marketing. From the above-mentioned facts, you must have an idea of how effective social media presence can be in terms of enhanced online visibility, attracting a targeted audience, and generating leads and revenues.

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