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Il miglior manifesto automatico di WordPress per i social media di Bit Social

Febbraio 15, 2024
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Auto poster WordPress per i social media di Bit Social

A social network auto-posting and post-scheduler plugin must be a fantastic buddy for you if you want to maximize your digital reach with automation, handle various platforms with ease, and revive and distribute your old content.

As we all know, consistency is an essential component in using social media to promote your brand or products. In this situation, a social media auto poster and post scheduler plugin can be really helpful without taking up too much of your precious time.

This WordPress social media auto poster plugin is designed to help users automatically share their content to various social media platforms immediately after publishing or at scheduled times. It can significantly reduce manual effort and ensure consistent social media engagement.

Who needs WordPress social media auto poster and scheduler plugin?

Bloggers and Independent creators

If you are a blogger and independent creator, you need this plugin for auto-posting from your WordPress website to your social media account. The majority of the time, bloggers don’t have the luxury of a full-fledged team.

Therefore, it is quite difficult for one person to manually generate content, perform SEO, and post on several social media platforms. They can save time by automating the social media dissemination of fresh information.

Businesses and E-commerce Sites

For website owners, social media may play a big part in boosting traffic and revenue. Automating postings may result in more steady traffic and sales.

Additionally, social media auto posters may aid in building brands. Without human interaction, automated posts assist in maintaining a brand presence on social media networks.

Even if you are a small businessman. This social media automated plugin will be a game changer. Instead of hiring a dedicated social media manager, small businesses can use this plugin for a fraction of the cost.

News Portals and Online Magazines

For a news portal, time is very crucial. they need to reach to the audience as soon as possible after publishing it. so publishing it on different platforms in a jiffy is quite impossible.

By sharing on multiple platforms, they can reach different segments of their audience.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies need to handle multiple clients and their multiple social accounts. So it is quite impossible to recruit multiple employees to handle multiple accounts. The agencies might not profit if they do so.

You can see analytics in the dashboard of this plugin of different social accounts. You can see insights into post performance and engagement. We can say the all-in-one solution.

Non-profits and Community Groups

It is important to create awareness for non-profit and community groups by sharing updates, news, and events to become streamlined, ensuring their message reaches a broader audience.

Since non-profit and community groups have limited resources, staff and funding with often limited staff and budget, automation can simplify tasks and reduce overheads.

Educational Institutions and Online Course Platforms

For educational institutes, it is important to share their course updates, new blog posts, or institutional news to engage with students, alumni, and potential enrollees by maintaining a consistent social media presence.

Why should we use social media auto poster and scheduler plugin

Time-saving: A social media multiple auto-posting plugins can be a significant time-saver for WordPress users, businesses, bloggers, and social media marketers. Automation inherently saves time. Instead of manually posting to multiple platforms, the process is easy and well-streamlined.

Scheduled Posting: One of the primary benefits is the ability to schedule posts in advance. Instead of manually posting content at specific times, you can set up a week’s (or even a month’s) worth of content in one sitting.

Consistency: Regular and timely posting can lead to consistent website traffic from social media platforms. Consistent posting is key to maintaining engagement on social media. An auto-poster ensures that your content is shared at regular intervals, even if you’re busy or on vacation.

Optimal Timing: Social media auto posters have analytics that can suggest the best times to post based on when your audience is most active and when not. This optimizes engagement without you having to guess or constantly monitor activity.

Cross-Platform Posting: This is the social media era. Here a business owner must have multiple accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn and so many. So the auto-poster plugins support multiple social media platforms. Instead of manually posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you can do it all from one dashboard.

Content Recycling: Social media auto-poster allows you to recycle or repost evergreen and old content. Social media auto poster has a feature to choose what blogs or content you want to publish and where. This ensures that new followers see your best and old content and that valuable posts get more visibility over time.

Analytics: Along with posting, Social media auto poster offers insights and analytics. By automating the posting process, you can focus more on analyzing the performance of your content to refine your strategy.

Collaboration: If you have a team to maintain all social accounts. They can manage it from one CMS platform. For businesses with a team managing social media, auto-poster plugins can facilitate collaboration. Team members can draft, and review posts collectively which is time-consuming.

Key features of Bit Social auto poster and scheduler plugin

Create a schedule: This feature of Bit Social auto-posting and scheduler plugin allows users to pre-set specific times and days for posts to be automatically shared on their desired social media platforms.

By enabling the scheduling of content, users can ensure that their posts go live during peak engagement times, maximizing visibility and interaction.

Share Post on Social Media: A core feature that facilitates the automatic posting of selected content across various social media channels.

This automates the tedious process of manual posting, ensuring consistent online presence and content distribution without daily oversight.

Choose a specific post: This gives the user the ability to handpick which posts or pieces of content they wish to share.

Provides flexibility in content strategy, allowing for selective sharing based on the relevance or importance of particular posts.

Sleep time: Let users set a delay or “sleep” interval between post shares on different platforms. For instance, if you want to skip posting on social media every Saturday or from 7 to 10 p.m. every day, you may do so. Some periods or situations are inappropriate for publishing on social media platforms according to the algorithm and regions.

Not as many people as we anticipated saw the postings. Therefore, we shouldn’t use those times for publishing. So this Bit Social WordPress plugin can do it for you by making an interval between post shares.

WP Post Filter: A feature tailored for WordPress users, allowing them to filter which blog posts get shared based on criteria like post age (old posts, recent posts, last 7 days’ posts, etc.).

This ensures that the most relevant content is shared. For instance, a user might not want to share holiday-specific content outside of the relevant season. It also allows for the revival of older, evergreen content, ensuring it gets continued visibility.

Customize Your Post: You can customize your post while scheduling. You can customize a post’s title name, you can add feature images, author names, tags and so many options.  

Create Platform Group: Users can group multiple social media platforms for collective post-scheduling and sharing. Simplifies the process when a post is intended for multiple platforms, reducing repetitive tasks and streamlining the posting process.

Show Specific Log: After sharing these posts, in the logs area, you will be able to see in which account or platform you share your post. You can check whether the status are these posts shared successfully or not.

Bit Social auto poster provides a detailed log or record of all the posts that have been shared, including timestamps, platforms, and any encountered issues.

Share Now: An upcoming feature that will presumably allow for immediate sharing of content without having to schedule it for later.

It is an upcoming feature of Bit Social that will provide flexibility for spontaneous or urgent posts that need to go live immediately, without disrupting the existing schedule.

Wrapping Up

This Bit Social auto-poster and scheduler plugin, with its array of features, is poised to be a game-changer in the world of online content management. Streamlining, automating, and optimizing the posting process not only saves valuable time but also enhances the strategic distribution of content across platforms. It’s the perfect tool for anyone serious about maximizing their social media impact. 

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